Build-up welding

We use build-up welding, also known as cladding or hard-facing, on new products or to recondition worn parts of components. In this process, similar or higher-quality welding stock is typically deposited with following post-heat treatment.

CrNi steels or nickel-based materials (also known as Inconel) are deposited on unalloyed or low-alloy structural steels for protection from corrosion. We also produce bearing seats and bushings on ship propeller shafts made of alloys with particularly good lubricating properties and resistance to galling using build-up welding. These cladding layers can later also be repaired with a minimum of effort.

Particularly hard layers are deposited for protection against wear with up to 63 HRC (also known as stelliting), which can then be machined by turning or only ground depending on requirements. Some types of hard facings are not machined further, including crusher shafts or tooth flanks.

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