Compact Wellheads

A Compact Wellhead is a mulitstage cross-over spool for suspension and sealing around mulitple strings of casing or tubing, combining several convention stages of casing head spools / tubing spool.

For applications where priorities are set to improved safety, better well control and rig time savings:

• reduces open hole times and maintains well control
• due to hanger installation without removing BOP, reduction of overall BOP nipple
down/nipple up times
• the use of mandrel hangers reduce several steps, saves time
• drilling of two or three phases in one go
• maximised safety: no operations underneath the BOP
• reduced number of connections reduce potential leak paths
• additionally, the compact design reduces height and weight
• installation service is recommended

  • Features
    • ITAG compact wellheads are available in configurations such
    as unihead and splitted designs, with two, three or four
    • hub and flange connections
    • side outlets flanged or threaded
    • elastomer and metal annulus seals
    • fluted mandrel hanger

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