Three-Way Ball Valves (Typ IT-3W)

Three-Way Ball Valves for pipelines and other industrial applications; suitable for gaseous and liquid flow media piggable by spherical and special cylindrical pigs; applicable as pig diverter designed according to national and international standards like API 6D, PED 97/23/EC or DIN 3230-5/AD 2000.

The valve can be disassembled without special tools, which allows maintenance and repair of the valve’s inner parts. Due to the top entry design there is no need to remove the valve from the pipeline.

Pressure Ratings/Nominal Sizes

Standard product range:

  • pressure ratings
  • ASME Class 150 (PN 20)
  • ASME Class 300 (PN 50)
  • ASME Class 600 (PN 100)
  • available nominal sizes
  • 3 – 20’’ (DN 80 – DN 500)
  • 3 – 20’’ (DN 80 – DN 500)
  • 3 – 20’’ (DN 80 – DN 500)

(other pressure rating / size combinations on request)

Design Features

end connections: flanged ends or welding ends
body material: carbon steel (other materials on request)
trim material: 13% chromium steel (other materials on request)
trunnion mounted ball
soft or metal seated
anti blow-out stem
 drain port
anti-static design
 firesafe design
suitable for sour gas service (NACE / ISO 15156)

Optional Features

actuator: manual, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic
• secondary sealant injection for stem and seat rings

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